1.Is the capsule sold with coffee inside?
No, the capsule is empty. It’s either sold empty or combined with one of our other products.
2.How much coffee can I put into the capsule?
We created a manual dispenser to help you in case you don’t know how much coffee goes into a capsule. Our advice is to fill it until the coffee is level with the edge of the capsule. Depending on the pressure you put on the coffee and the kind of filter you use, the coffee will be lighter or stronger.
3.Is your capsule easy to use? Is it immediate?
As with all the actions we now perform automatically, like riding a bike, a little practice is needed to learn how to use our capsule well and without problems.
4.How often can I use the capsules?
It depends on the capsules you’re using. Our capsules equals up to 100 coffee’s. The stainless steel capsules should last up to ten years.
5.Why is my machine making louder noises, while using the stainless steel capsules?
After putting the capsule in the machine, you push the shutter down and the capsule sets itself in the position where the holes are at the right place. Don’t worry if it sounds a bit off.

6.How do I get the perfect grind?
As we always recommend, make the coffee your way. For the best result we advise not to use a fine grind. The capsule needs to be filled up. Afterwards you need to press it down evenly, works best with one of our tampers.
7.Is there a refund?
Yes! Within 15 days you can easily get a refund on your orders. To do so, feel free to contact us.

8.How can I get in contact with the company?
You can get to us thru this email: popincase-service@zzyda.com
We will respond within the next 24 Hours.

9.What does the shipping cost?
We got worldwide shipping. No additional delivery costs.