Make coffee your own way

Why choose stainless steel eco-friendly coffee capsules?

1.Make coffee your way and save up to 65% on your coffee spending while also helping the planet.A family of four can save $1,000 per year.

2.Our ecopasules are 100% ecofriendly. Besides using them for coffee you can also make tea in it, with herbs of your choice.

3.Our pods are produced without bisfenol A (BPA) nor aluminium, which makes it non-toxic when it gets hot. The integrated filter is designed for different types of grinds.

A Little Of Our Story
We are invested in finding a way to reduce the rubbish produced daily from drinking coffee and at the same time making it cheaper. So we created these different types of environment friendly capsules. By using reusable capsules, we can all help to make a little change.

That’s some change, isn’t it? It all started from an idea.

Listen to customers speak for us

After using it, the coffee tastes really good, I highly recommend it! ! !

As described, the quality is good and environmentally friendly.

This is my second purchase and the buyers are very enthusiastic. Recommend to buy!

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